Comparing and Contrasting Boundless CFX Portable Vaporizer with Boundless CF

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Comparing and Contrasting Boundless CFX Portable Vaporizer with Boundless CF

Comparing and Contrasting Boundless CFX Portable Vaporizer with Boundless CF

If you’ve made up your mind to quit smoking in 2017 but you don’t have the willpower to give it up at one go then a portable vaporizer can help in kicking the habit. The obvious benefit of using a handy vaporizer is that this device vaporizes the inhalant (tobacco or any other herb) instead of burning it thus causing less stress on your lungs.

As a first time user of the vaporizer, you’d be better off using a product that exploits the convection mode of heating (rather than the conduction mode) as it vaporizes the essential oils more evenly resulting in more effective draws or inhalations. The degree of portability, the vaporizing efficiency, and the price are the three main parameters that you should take into consideration while selecting a good quality vaporizer.

Boundless CFX and boundless CF are two variants of portable vaporizer from the house of ‘Planet of Vapes’ that are not only moderately priced but also seem to punch much above their weight thereby offering stiff competition to higher-priced units. Though the models are being marketed as convection units, numerous first-time users have reported that the portable vaporizers are more conductional than convectional. Hence this review will evaluate the two vaporizers as conductional devices.

The boundless CFX versus the boundless CF vaporizer

When it comes to comparing and contrasting the portable boundless CF with the boundless CFX portable vaporizer variant, there’s isn’t much to differentiate the former from the latter. Both the units heat up very fast, have large chambers, come equipped with swiveling mouthpieces, and can be opened as well as closed conveniently.

Additionally, both the models are superimposed with a superior grade of textured material that lets you grip the device comfortably without of course compromising on the firmness of hold. Even if the palms of your hands sweat a lot, you’d still be able to grip the vaporizer firmly, thanks to its fine texture. Despite the similarities, the differences between the two are remarkable which stand out and justifies the price difference.

The boundless CFX portable vaporizer

The individual or distinct degree temperature setting range (from 38˚C-220˚C) and the brilliant OLED display (measuring 1.7” diagonally) are two exclusive features of the boundless CFX portable vaporizer at set it apart from its sibling the CF. Other exclusive features of the CFX that put it a few notches above the CF are the vibration mode, a more powerful battery (2500mAh against the 1300mAh of CF), and the magnet on its mouthpiece.

The boundless CF portable vaporizer

In sharp contrast to the CFX portable vaporizer, the CF variant comes with only five-degree settings that can be preset (179C, 188C, 196C, 204C, and 213C). The LEDs in CF light up when the preset temperature is reached which happens pretty fast (say, 20-30 seconds) and doesn’t display any additional info like the charge remaining on the battery or session timer. It doesn’t have a vibration feature or a magnet atop the mouthpiece, and less aesthetically appealing (now that might be subjective).


If you’re willing to overlook the differences, the boundless CF makes as good as buy as the premium CFX. Both the models have identical oven size, reach the intended temperatures pretty quickly and one charge (or recharge) of the battery makes the portable vaporizer ready to be used for multiple sessions.