Five Herbs Just Perfect For Your Vaporizer

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Five Herbs Just Perfect For Your Vaporizer

Now that vaping is the biggest thing going on, knowing which herbs to use is essential.  This way you'll know what's safe, how much do they cost and what effects you can anticipate.  We'll look at five of these herbs for vaporization and see if you're familiar with any of them.

First on our list is Lavender  Lavender is a purple flowering plant that provides more than one satisfying effect via vaporization.  Not only does it smell wonderful, but it's said to cause serenity, well-being, clarity of thought and more.  Along with its aroma is it's good taste.  Folk remedies use lavender for its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.  It can also relax the muscles and is said to have anti-depressant qualities as well.  Lavender is one of the most well known of vaporizer herbs so you shouldn't be hard pressed to find some around at your stores or even in your yard.  Take a look around, lavender is worth it.

Green TeaNumber two on our list is Green Tea.  Most people drink green tea as it's not as processed as standard tea.  This allows for more of its vitamins, minerals, and other properties to be fully experienced instead of lost in the processing procedure.  Green tea has caffeine so that means vaping it will give you that caffeine boost.  It's said to be a soothing vape.  You can adjust how you vape green tea if it is too strong for you.  Its flavor might be too strong and if so you can just adjust the temperature down while vaping to get the full benefits of it.

Calea ternifoliaThe third entry on our list is Calea Zacatechichi.  That might be a mouthful to say but this herb has some properties that might literally blow your mind.  Its use Is said to bring about lucid dreaming, a state of dreaming where clarity and beauty occur and easier for you to control.  Lucid dreaming helps us to solve problems so this herb should be considered one of the top therapeutic ones.  It can be very knock out like and hallucinations from the high have been reported via vaporization.  Insomniacs may well find this herb just the perfect one to vape as well as those under heavy stress.  Not to be used while operating a car or machinery, this herb should be vaped with the proper precautions by starting a little bit at a time to see what your tolerance level is. 

The fourth vaporization herb is Damiana.  You'll have to keep on your toes using this herb as it is said to cause a mile buzz or high while being vaped.  People use it for urinary infections, nervous system disorders, lowering the intensity of menstrual cramps.  Some people use it as an anti-depressant and others use it as an aphrodisiac.  With all the claims about this herb, one might ask what the drawback is.  None has seen so far which means basically you'll have to be responsible while vaping this herb so that you use it for the right purposes with the right intentions.

Passion Flower.Finally, number five is a regularly found flower all throughout the country, Passion Flower.  Passion flower has the qualities to be a serene like sedative when vaporized thus bringing about a smooth and soothing vaping experience.  If one is stressed out, has insomnia, or is, in general, a confused mess, a good vape containing passionflower might just be what the doctor ordered.

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