Kandypens Is The Portable Vaporizer Of Choice

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Kandypens Is The Portable Vaporizer Of Choice

Now that vaping is all the rage, with people using the devices on a regular basis, the consumer is always on the lookout for the best vaporizer for the price. There are a plethora of vaporizers out there and it's like every month a new company emerges to show off their new line of portable vaporizers. It can get confusing at times, but the KandyPens line cuts through all the confusion with products that are easy to use, understand and are affordable.

Customers love the convenience and ease of use of the KandyPens vaporizers and for good reason. It's small, about 5.5” tall and 1” thick, with a soft rubbery finish on the sides and back and a glossy plastic on the front. It has an accessory pack with short and long mouthpiece covers and replacement screens. The K-Vape also has a micro USB charging cable and even if you don't have your cable, the USB port makes for use of this common feature. The cleaning brush is just right for keeping your device clean and ready for use. Caveat here, it is prohibited to use your cleaning brush while the vaporizer is hot. It will result in a melted brush.

The manual that comes along with the vaporizer is to the point with some pics and graphics thus making it easy to read and apply.

The ease of use is another major factor here. You just click the one button and follow the color combinations of the two lights. These color combinations relate to the various actions to operate the K-Vape. Not too difficult to do and only takes a small learning curve. You can change the temperature easily by holding the button for two seconds. The operational lights work like this:

  • Solid Red means the K-Vape is heating up.
  • Solid Green means it's ready for use.
  • Five Blinking Red means low battery.

The temperature Indicator light that is under the button:

  • Red means 360F
  • Green means 380F
  • Blue means 420F

Cleaning consists of waiting until the device is cool. Do not clean when hot! You use the brush and a cotton swab with some isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Basically a simple procedure, again, showing how convenient this portable vaporizer is.