Looking At Some Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

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Looking At Some Top Rated Portable Vaporizers

With vaping all the rage nowadays, companies are battling each other to put out a vaporizer that catches the public's eye. Each vaporizer has its own features and a lot of design and engineering goes into some brands. Knowing which vaporizer is perfect for you calls for some study and investigation and just plain luck.

There are now dozens upon dozens of vaporizers on the markets. Some rise, some fall. It's all about the quality and service. A vaporizer that doesn't provide the basic features and is built to last, won't last. Customer input has helped vaporizer companies design and manufactures the devices to remarkable specs. Let's look at a few of the top vaporizer brands out there.

First on our list is the Atmos Jump. It's an aromatherapy portable vapor pen containing a carbon fiber housing that is top of the line. This vaporizer was built to last and that's an indicator or how dedicated the company is. Its main feature is their hard anodized heating chamber that really delivers the smooth vaping experience that users love.

Number two on our list is the Transporter. No, it's nothing like the gizmo on Star Trek, it's name comes from its easy transportable design. It really gives the kind of vape that fans enjoy and it's constructed with a top of the line ceramic chamber. It's got an anodized shell that is also strong and scratch resistant. This vaporizer is just what the doctor ordered for the vape fan that wants the best for their hard earned dollar.

Third on our list is another vaporizer from the Atmos line of products. The Atmos Vicod is again an aromatherapy vaporizer that has a nice design. It's got a 2200 mAh battery that should hold up during regular use. The engineers who came up with this vaporizer really pulled out all the stops to deliver one of the best looking and highly functional vaporizers on the market.

Our final choice is again, another product from Atmos. The Atmos Boss. Appropriately named, the Atmos Boss Portable vaporizer is a vape pen that is constructed to last like all their line of vaporizers. Noted for its smooth vaping experience, it comes with a strong battery and stainless steel cooking chamber that is fast to heat up. Easy to operate, this vaporizer is well worth the price and should last for a long time.

The vaporizers we've focused on are the kind that makes the industry grow and improve. As fans send in their input and the engineers and the designers test and explore, the vaporizer market is well represented by these four vape pens.

If you've enjoyed the pics we've posted and want to know more, you can read reviews about each vaporizer and see what fans have to say about them. Then you might stop by your local vaporizer shop and ask them what they think. You might find there are features and ways to use them to enhance the vaping experience.

Overall, these vape pens are the tops of the line and worth the investment.