Portable Vaporizer Makes It Easy

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Portable Vaporizer Makes It Easy

Vaping has never been easier until now. For quite a while people were looking for a vaporizer that they could tote around with them and not draw attention to themselves. Well, now that dream has come true using the Pax 3 available from aisleninetynine.com.

With the Pax 3 you get state of the art technology that advances the vaping experience to the next level. It now can support the new BLE connected app that brings to the table more improved heating times and concentrate support.

Familiar Pax users will notice that the new Pax 3 is the same size as its predecessors. It has a new polished aluminum surface makes this easy to clean and attractive to boot. It's easy to load so that you get that packed in oven that allows for the best vaping. They new Pax 3 is made up on the best features of its predecessors and the new tech the company knows the fans like.

The Pax 3 is as easy or easier to use than its earlier versions. It still uses an accelerometer and one button for total operation. It has a four petal RGB LED light readout. It's as simple as pushing the button on and off to get the unit working. The operation calls for rolling the Pax 2 around inside your hands. It takes just three rolls to start the mode you want known as the party mode. There are several features here and its comforting to know that the safety feature allows for the Pax 3 to be passed around so that no one participating without missing a beat or a toke.

Overall use is improved. Two notes are that the heater is faster, taking around 10 to20 seconds to heat up. Don't fool around with it though or you might end up burning up the contents of the oven. So it's best to just vape it and talk or play other things later. You'll need to breathe deep on each puff so the draw is powerful and smooth. This is the way to get the most out of this remarkable device.

It took lots of planning and engineering to bring about new features as this that allows for the kind of vaping experience your hard earned money deserves.

Sure it takes time to figure how to use it, but after some time it'll be second nature.

Once you and your friends get the hang of using this portable vaporizer, you'll all have a better time enjoying your vaping and not signage break in your regular get together. Just load it and pass it around. It should be some fun just looking at each other learning how to use it and spend time admiring the design and overall enjoyment.

The Pax 3 also has a 10 year warranty. That's the kind of confidence the manufacturer has in this product. Other portable vaporizer manufacturers don't even come close to this warranty option.

At aisleninetynine.com you can get this Pax 3 device along with lots of other vaporizing equipment and accessories. This company has all kinds of deals tailored specifically for the special vaping customer. They have deals and discounts and even prizes. You can go to their site and join up on their social media pages and chat it up with other users and people who really take their vaping seriously. They've got it all, vaporizers, parts, accessories, grinders, and lots more.

Image Credit: www.paxvapor.com