Reviewing the Most Popular Desktop Vaporizer: The Volcano Vaporizer

Reviewing the Most Popular Desktop Vaporizer: The Volcano Vaporizer

Irrespective of whether you are a medical vaper or use a vaporizer purely for leisure, it is the experience (of getting a high that seems to linger) that ultimately counts. Of all the ingredients and accessories that you will need for an unparalleled vaping experience, a topnotch vaporizer is surely the most indispensable. There are countless vaporizers available and there is the Volcano.

The Volcano Vaporizer from the house of Storz and Bickel created a stir amongst vapers when it first hit the US markets in 2005 and since then it has been revered by those who’ve used it. The incursion of Volcanoes in the US has raised the bar for vaporizers in the country. So what is it about the Volcano that makes it the most coveted of all vaporizers?    

The Volcano Vaporizer

For years, ‘Storz and Bickel’ based in Germany, the celebrated manufacturer of the Volcano Vaporizer, has set the standards for both portable and desktop vapes with its popular models-Crafty, Plenty, and Mighty. Storz and Bickel have continued to promote the Volcano as it flagship brand since it was launched.

The vape still sets the standard for all other similar products owing to its versatility, durability, and ergonomic design. If you are vaping enthusiast, you simply won’t be able to resist yourself from holding the Volcano. Perhaps, the only thing that could discourage you from owning it is its steep price tag but if you go ahead and buy it, you can bet you will be giving yourself a pat on the back for making the investment.

The Volcano’s body is of stainless steel and other heavy duty materials of medical grade thereby guaranteeing superlative quality of output. Additionally, its intelligent design makes it perfect for using the contrivance both with a tube and balloon.  Also, when it comes to vaporization, it always attains the optimum temperature and never fluctuates from the desired vaporizing temperature by more than 5 degrees.

And regardless of whether you use leaves, flowers or seeds or concentrates, you can rest assured that the vapors will be strong and heady.    

Easy or Solid Valve

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer was already a huge commercial success and in 2007 Storz and Bickel came out with a digital model that allowed you to key in the precise temperature for vaporizing. The digital version also features auto switch-off functionality that shuts off the vaporizer in case you forget to do so manually. You also need to choose between the Solid or Easy Valve models.

The Solid Valve saves you a good sum of money but is not maintenance free. Alternatively, the Easy Valve is costlier but you are relieved from the hassle of maintaining it.    

The Modus Operandi

Volcano is the most immaculate vaporizer that you can go for. You can use it as a medical vaporizer as well as for recreational vaporizing. The vaporizer is good for using with a balloon and also with a tube. So, it is up to you to choose the style you prefer.

Cleaning the Vaporizer

Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer periodically is an absolute must if you want the device to vape with the same efficiency as it did when it was new. Maintaining the Volcano is not much trouble as you simply need to disassemble the components for cleaning and assemble the parts once they are dry. You can follow the video tutorial in the link to have a clear idea about how to maintain the Volcano.

Temp Presets: How to

Using the Volcano is incredibly simple even for first timers. After putting in your substance or oil, just push the heat knob after setting the dial at 6 in case you have the Classic. With the digital version, you will have to press the “+” or “-“knobs on the LCD screen for setting the temperature.

Ideal Temperature for Vaping in Volcano

Never compromise on the quality of oil or substance if you wish to inhale the premium grade of vapors. It is better to start on a lower temp setting to minimize the chances of burning and thereafter select the setting for raising the temperature gradually. Nevertheless, the ideal temperature for extracting maximum quality is 410˚F.

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