The Future Of The Vaporizer Craze

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The Future Of The Vaporizer Craze

Not too long ago, vaping wasn't a part of the landscape but the popularity of the craze has gotten to the point that no one can ignore. That being said, considering the changes vaping has gone through, we should look at what the future may hold for the vaporizer crowd.

First of all, the big changes will come via technology and law. Vaping is still generally unregulated but that should change because of the rise in revenue the companies are making. If you want to get government attention, just make money doing something and you'll have more politicians showing up than at a free fish fry.

The government didn't care if vaping was dangerous, which so far it has shown not to be, but as soon as vaping became popular and lucrative, you've got government agencies and representatives standing around like vultures around a kill. The reason is that high revenue trends often come with controversy and contempt. You've got growing competition, disgruntled customers, unprofessional manufacturing and more. So far the vaping community is self-regulating and it doesn't take long for a bad company to get called out. It's due to social media. You put out a rotten product and within hours millions of people worldwide know about it. Whether it's unsafe or expensive or nonsatisfying, vaporizer manufacturers have their hands full staying on top and rightly so.

Technological advances like temperature control are in the near future. Ways to make the vaping experience more fun calls for innovative engineering. This is where the big money comes in. Just one innovation that is proprietary means the manufacturer is in the catbird seat. Technology spreads fast and of course, the cost is diverted to the consumer. This isn't so bad as consumers will pay that extra for a better product. There's no telling what new technologies will be implemented but you can bet they'll either be essential improvements or just bells and whistles to get the attention of the public.

Legislation regarding regulation and safety will be in the forefront of the vaporizer industry. Everything from FDA approval to trade issues and more. The reason is that of the attention the industry draws to itself and the governments want their cut, and because of pressure from consumers and the medical community regarding performance and health issues. Vaping isn't dangerous, but it's what you vape that can be dangerous. There's no stopping anyone from using illegal or dangerous substances so the government will pass laws prohibiting certain substances and this will change with everything a person can put in a vaporizer. People around the world are experimenting with all sorts of plants and other material, not knowing if the results will be harmful or not. This is why a vaping fan should only use substances okay-ed by the manufacturer and the medical and government communities. It is better to be safe than sorry.

If you're a vaper, it's best to keep tabs on the latest in the industry. Stay on top of any safety issues the community brings up and do your homework. Just don't stuff anything in a vaporizer. Check with your local and federal laws as well. They'll be changing and you might not catch the alerts. The bottom line to all this is that vaping is safer and technologically better than before and looks like it will only get better.

Image Credit: davincivaporizer