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Boundless (Portable Vaporizer)

The Boundless CF and CFX are a great choice if you're looking for an affordable, easy to use, powerful yet pocket size vaporizer with a fast heat up time and satisfying clouds. Unlike most portable vaporizers that require a specific grind or loading style for optimum performance, the Boundless CF and CFX work extremely well with small or large loads, a loose or tight packing, fine and loose grinds. You don't need to know anything about vaporizers to get good results with the Boundless vapes.

The Boundless CF and CFX are some of the most powerful, portable vaporizers on the market at 80W and has one of the fastest portable heat-up times we've tested - clocking in at under 20 seconds. We get flavorful, big clouds from the first draw. Utilizing a mix of convection and conduction heating via a ceramic heater we get even vaporization from the Boundless CF and CFX, solid flavor and impressive vapor quality with extremely satisfying, visible clouds.

The Boundless CF and CFX have medium resistance which results in a much more free air-flow than most of the portable vapes on the market. Also, the air-path is fully isolated from the electronics. The Boundless CF and CFX work well with both dry and concentrated extracts with the included concentrate pod.

Boundless has created a clean modern look with a solid feel in the hand. The exterior of the CF and CFX have a silicone coating to keep the vape cool during sessions and it is contoured for easy grip.

KandyPens (Portable Vaporizer)

 All KandyPens vaporizers are made from only the highest quality materials, and are built to last. Whether you’re looking for a wax pen, a multi-function ellipse-style unit, or a portable vaporizer which utilizes true convection heating, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the extensive selection offered by KandyPens.

KandyPens added revolutionary new pen vaporizers for wax concentrates Aside from sleek, sexy styling, Donuts feature KandyPens' new state-of-the-art, 100% ceramic, deep dish Donuts atomizers, which utilize what KandyPens is calling SloBurn™ technology. By eliminating the traditional coil system and replacing it with an all-ceramic chamber, Donuts won't "flash-heat" or burn your concentrates. Instead, slowly heated, which greatly improves taste and helps to conserve your precious material.

The KandyPens Galaxy was honored with the coveted Best Vaporizer Award from High Times Magazine. Accolades such as this have allowed the Galaxy to become the standard of wax pen vaporizers. The temperature controlled battery and dual quartz atomizers make you the real winner here! Aside from being known for their award-winning style and performance, KandyPens vaporizers are also backed by an unprecedented lifetime warranty. Few other manufacturers offer that kind of peace-of-mind to their customers.

Crafty and Mighty (Portable Vaporizers)

Storz & Bickel introduced portable vaporizers into their line with the addition of the Crafty vaporizer and its companion, the Mighty. Both feature full convection heating to optimize the vapors of your dry herb, one button operation and Bluetooth app control. The Crafty is the smaller of the two, offering portable performance with a ceramic heating element and a cooling unit to further cool the vapor produced. The Mighty vaporizer maintains all the functions of the Crafty and adds an LCD screen which accurately displays temperature settings and battery status. The increased size provides additional vapor production. With bountiful features and low draw resistance, the Crafty & the Mighty vaporizers mark an interesting portable vaporizer debut for Storz & Bickel.



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