KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer

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True to its name, the KandyPens Ice Cream Man serves up milky clouds of
vapor with a dual quartz rod atomizer, air carb mouthpiece, leak proof
technology, and a helping of three optimized heat settings to choose from.
Ideal for vaping waxy oils on-the-go, this handmade wax pen delivers quality
vapor production with a discreetly small and lightweight unit that’s
easily concealed in your hand or pocket. The KandyPens Ice Cream Man
boasts a sleekly compact design, available in a variety of color combinations
including the sleek Godfather (Black/White), with a satin rubber finish for
added grip and comfort. Vaping about town with KandyPens’ latest
offering is a real treat.

The KandyPens Ice Cream Man boasts a quartz crystal chamber with dual
quartz rods for vapor production thats not only smooth and flavorful
but bountiful in a lung expanding way. This advanced atomizer is the secret
to the KandyPens Ice Cream Man milky vapor, simulating the
experience of a dab-rig, but in a wax pen thats easy to carry with you
anywhere. The quartz crystal technology is inert, preventing any unwanted
flavors and aromas from rubbing off on the true essence of your waxy oils.
The KandyPens Ice Cream Man delivers some truly flavor-rich hits, free of
smokiness, a characteristic that “true vaporization” enthusiasts
are sure to appreciate.

To empower your vaping sessions, the KandyPens Ice Cream Man features
three temperature settings (350°, 390°, 430°) that are easily
chosen using the single button control. Powering on and switching between
presets is as simple as a few clicks. These heat settings are optimized for
the most vaped waxy oils and let you choose how you vape them--whether
you like big hits or small, intensely flavored or subtle. Once you’ve
chosen a vaping temperature, you’ll see this wax pen has a rapid
heat up time. The temperature controlled battery has a lifetime warranty, a
testament to the quality of this American-made wax pen, and a universal 510


Product Features
 Dual Quartz Atomizer
 Titanium Coils
 510 Threaded
 Multiple Temperature Settings
 Leak Proof Design
 10 Second Auto Shutoff

Product Accessories
 1 x Temperature Controlled Battery
 1 x Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber
 1 x Dab Tool
 2 x Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
 1 x Travel Case
 1 x USB Charger
 1 x Instruction Card

Additional Information
 Warranty Info: Lifetime (Battery)
 Dimensions: 1 x 4 x 4.25 in.
 Weight: 0.60 lbs.
 Voltage: 110v