KandyPens Special K Vaporizer

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From KandyPens, makers of the Gravity and Galaxy wax pens, comes an oil
vaporizer that talks big and backs it up. The KandyPens Special K vaporizer,
with its jewelry box carrying case and sleek pen-shaped design vapes like a
million bucks. KandyPens Special K is one of the most discreet oil vaporizer
pens on the market. A pen cap keeps the true purpose of the KandyPens
Special K under wraps, enabling you to enjoy potent, flavorful hits on-the-go
in a discreet manner. KandyPens Special K features a temperature
controlled battery, refillable glass oil tank, and ergonomic mouthpiece,
making it ideal for oil-vaping about town.


The KandyPens Special K features a refillable glass oil tank that's just as
durable as it is elegant and easy-to-use. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece
and load the tank. The glass design and sophisticated heating method
preserves the essential flavors, aromas, and effects of oil concentrates. The
KandyPens Special K 510 threaded connections make it easy to refill, clean,
and repair the unit. Do not fill the tank through the center hole. The tank shell
hides the oil tank, but features a window for keeping track of how much oil
you have left. Conveniently, this resembles the "ink window" of an office pen,
keeping your KandyPens Special K stealthy. To alleviate the hassle of
having to refill the oil tank, the KandyPens Special K Vaporizer comes with 2
oil tanks in the box.

Product Features
 Glass Oil Tank
 Temp Controlled Battery
 Color-Coded Controls
 Stealthy Pen-Cap
 Sleek Design

Product Accessories
 1 x USB Charger
 2 x Glass Oil Tanks
 1 x KandyPens Battery
 1 x Carrying Case

Additional Information
 Warranty Info: Lifetime (Battery)
 Dimensions: 1.25 x 6.25 x 3.75 in.
 Weight: 0.60 lbs.
 Thread Size: 510