SideKick Color Bubbler Mouthpiece

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Looking to add an element of water filtration and personalization to your new SideKick vaporizer? Custom made and hand blown right here in the USA by Elev8 Glass, these Color Bubbler Mouthpieces for the SideKick portable vaporizer from 7th Floor moisturize and cool the vapor produced by the SideKick for a vaporization experience like none other! Each custom bubbler is totally unique and features a different color. These bubblers can also be used as water filtration devices for 7th Floor's full line of whip-style desktop vaporizers, including the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV), Da Buddha and Super Surfer Vaporizer. Accessories (Included):

1 x SideKick Color Bubbler Mouthpiece

Product Features
Easy-Fill Design
Custom Elev8 Glass
Hand Blown in the USA
Cools & Moisturizes Vapor
Compatible w/ SSV Ground Glass Whip & Da Buddha Whips