Silver Surfer SideKick Vaporizer

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Stir the bowl with a push of your thumb! The SideKick is a
conduction/convection hybrid vaporizer. Vapes that use conduction apply
heat directly to the herbs, so part of the bowl cooks hotter than the rest. To
ensure herbs are vaped evenly, they should be regularly stirred to allow air to
flow through evenly. The SideKick allows you to do this at any time without
removing the lid. No other vaporizer on the market has a feature like this!

We know that hot vapor can feel harsh to the throat, so we decided to
implement a system to extend the air path and cool the vapors, much like
the 3 foot hose on our infamous Silver Surfer Vaporizer. This specially
engineered vortex cooler extends the vapor pathway, acting as both a
filter and cooler as well as tightening the draw for thicker vapor. Pop this
piece into the freezer in between sessions for vapor as cool and
crisp as a Rocky Mountain breeze!

The SideKick Vaporizer is adjustable from .5 to 11 giving you 22 points of
temperature control for extracting the essence from your favorite herbs. The
temperature of the SideKick can go from 248° F to 470° F. The clear digital
display will show your selected setting, battery life, voltage, and the run time.
The automatic shut-off after 7 minutes helps to save your battery while
giving your vape a cool-down period before your next session.

The SideKick Vaporizer features the ability to remove and replace your
batteries. With one set you can expect about 25+ minutes of vaping, so
your SideKick can run for approximately 50+ minutes on the two sets of
batteries. The ac/dc external charger allows you to charge one set at home
or in your car while the other set is in use. Included in the box are caps to
protect the batteries when they aren’t in use, and stickers to label them so
that each set can be discharged and recharged together.

1 x Hand-blown Glass Mouthpiece
4 x Rechargeable 18350 Li-ion Batteries (2 Sets)
1 x External Battery Wall Charger
1 x Cleaning Brush w/ Alcohol Cleaning Pads
1 x Small Phillips Screwdriver
1 x Stainless Steel Marble Pick
1 x Small Bowl Tong/Scoop
1 x Stainless Steel Oil Can
1 x Huny Bucket Silicone Wax Container
1 x Coconut Oil Mouthpiece Lubricant
1 x Travel Bag
1 x Instruction Manual

7 Year Waranty