Space Case Small Scout Grinder with Air Tight Container / Stash Jar

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The Space Case Scout Grinder

All Space Case Grinders are made in the USA.

Space Case Grinders are made from the highest quality components.

Space Case products are meant for connoisseurs because they are simply the best.  If you want the best, this is it.

There are no other brands of grinders that are better than Space Case.

Space Case Grinders are specially designed by highly sophisticated CNC machines, which utilize the latest technology in processing and shaping aluminum, providing more superior grinders with practiacally a zero flaw rate!

This Space Case Grinder has two super strong neodymyum magnets which are used to keep a nice and tight closure with both peices.

This Space Case Grinder contains a special teflon O ring which makes grinding even easier with absolutely no metal shavings guaranteed!

This Space Case Grinder is made from extremely durable, and strong aircraft grade CNC aluminum for quality, durability, preciseness, and to maintain its light weight.

This Space Case Scout Grinder is a three piece grinder.

This Space Case grinder also has a special air tight stash jar within the grinder design.  Now you can even store your materials in your grinder in an air tight space and not worry about them going stale!

This amazing Space Case Grinder has CNC DIAMOND CUT RAZOR SHARP teeth to grind with great efficiency and ease.


You will really love how this Space Case Grinder feels in your hands because it grinds with such ease, and feels extremely smooth.

Small Size

1.25" W x 1.50" H

11 Teeth