Vapir Prima Vaporizer

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Prima represents the gold standard in portable vaporizers; this dynamic device delivers a crisp, clean, and flavorful vapor stream from both fresh herbs and botanical extracts. Four optimized temperature settings ensure a custom-fit experience, while a removable rechargeable battery makes everlasting sessions seamless and exceptional! Prima's stainless steel vapor channel slides out of the unit to make cleaning and maintenance a simple convenience; and the combination of true convection & conduction technology ensures even heat exposure and incredible vapor quality from first puff to last cloud.

2 x Screens

2 x Wax Pads

1 x Plug Brush

1 x Filling Scoop

1 x Power Supply

1 x Cleaning Tool

1 x Charging Base

1 x Charging Cord

1 x Silicone Cap Sleeve

5 Year Warranty (Heating Element & Electronics), 2 Year Warranty (Battery)